Face cream reflections

I bought a new face cream in France  at Easter – VIchy’s “Stop Age”. I think it’s pretty good, although of course any face cream can only do so much   Still “Trip Age Up and Slow It Down Slightly” doesn’t have quite the same impact written on a bottle

Green primroses – a recommendation…


Primulas “Francesca” and “Green Lace” are exquisite – petals of a pale green the colour of a Laduree bag, with, in the case of “Francesca”, the faintrst shading towards grey- green. The flowers have central eyes of gold and are held high above the crinkled leaves so there’s no risk of them visually getting lost in an amorphous mass of green. Mine came from Cottage Nurseries and even a few days waiting around in pots, belatedly and sheepishy watered, haven’t damaged their health. After a month or so in my garden, they still look nband-box perfect.

I wanna dress it black….

I wanna dress it black….

Black! All my wardrobe is black! Am I depressed? Did I just watch too many videos back in the ’80s when I was at an impressionable age of Sade looking cool in a little black dress? I did decide I needed colour so bravely I bought a jumpsuit – in darkest grey. I must do better. Can I at least manage to progress as far as mid-grey?

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